Greg and Kevin

We are always honored when the people of Sanford allow two strangers into their home to capture specific moments of their lives and ask them their thoughts on our fair city. The hospitality continued with Greg and Kevin 🙂


What do you do?
Greg: I am a luxury travel advisor with the Virtuoso organization (Great Escapes Travel/Lake Mary) and part time with the Pottery Barn team at Winter Park. I love giving old things new life, painting, and traveling.

Kevin: I am currently back as full time student fulfilling AS in Network Admin and BS in Network and Communication Management. My hobbies are traveling, volunteering, fundraising for animal shelters.

We have two beagles, Jasper and Lily, and an adopted cat, Savannah.

How did you find your way to Sanford?
Greg: I was the GDS rep and corporate trainer for AAA Oklahoma so I had the opportunity to come to the national office at Heathrow every month for work, sometimes we’d make a vacation out of it and come together and explore. We always found time to be in Sanford during those times.

On one of those visits, in May 2006, we were visiting with a real estate agent for some property and happened to meet with a travel agency owner. We arrived back at the airport in Tulsa and received a phone call asking me if we’d like to be part owners of the agency. Said yes, sold the house in two weeks and in one month we were here.

What is your favorite Sanford memory?
Kevin: The time our house was on the Holiday Tour of Homes, and the time it was used for filming a movie. Watching it all happen was a learning experience.

Greg: I’d have to say when Tropical Storm Fay came through. I’m a weather buff. Being from Oklahoma it’s just a way of life!

What do you like best about living in Sanford?
Kevin: The people. By far.

Greg: Agreed. Everyone here is great.

What is your favorite Sanford neighborhood and why?
Greg: There are a lot of places I keep finding. I like the Mayfair area and the Historic District.

Kevin: Me too but my favorite is Evans Terrace, where we reside.


Have you ever been to Flea World?
Both laugh out loud: YES. We’ve been several times, but one time we were asked to go along with a friend to find a jeweler that repairs tiaras. Enough said.

What is your favorite drink and who makes it?
Kevin: The homemade White Russian at The Imperial by Keith. BEST. EVER.

Greg: I enjoy the Blood Orange Manhattan there as well. However, I was just told about the “F-it” bucket at the West End. How come I didn’t know about that after all these years??

What do you wish to see in Sanford?
I think we both agree a market place of some sort that’s closer to downtown. That building up on First Street and 17/92 that has been empty forever would make a great Publix “lite.” Or if the Sanford Ave. grocery store could have a face-lift, that would be great. Also, some of the empty store fronts filled with unique and lasting businesses.

What is your favorite Sanford event?
Greg: Alive After 5 is fun. The Sofas and Suds race is great too.

Kevin: Those and the food truck nights, and don’t forget the parades. They are great!

Describe your perfect night out in Sanford:
Kevin: Going to dinner then walking around town to the different places that are happening. Whenever there is a great play going on or a show at one of the theaters it is great.

Greg: I have to agree – and if there’s a party at someone’s (or our) home that’s fun too. It’s just nice to go anywhere here in town and see friends out and about.

What is your favorite restaurant in Sanford for lunch, and dinner?
Kevin: I like Cheddar’s – always have for lunch. Marco Dino’s for dinner (unfortunately now closed).

Greg: I don’t have one particular favorite here in town. I like Willow Tree, of course! I’ve not tried Jalapeno’s yet. I hear it’s good. Our group of friends always gravitates towards West End for the Wings.

What is your favorite book?
Kevin: The Harry Potter series. Geek.

Greg: Tapping the Healer Within by Roger Callahan.

Favorite Movie?
Kevin: The Blind Side. It’s a great story.

Greg: Don’t laugh – Charlie’s Angels ‘Full Throttle’ – love that movie. That and Imitation of Life.

When / where was your last theme park visit?
Universal Studios at the holidays.


What does Sanford need?
Kevin: There are a lot of things we can use here. Since Sanford is so spread out, I’m speaking of the downtown area mainly – a men’s clothing store would be great.

Greg: More stores would be nice, I agree. Wouldn’t be fun if there was something like Enzo’s here?

Favorite Sanford resident?
Laverne Armstrong…She’s the embodiment of Sanford and its people. Her house is exactly what you’d expect it to be in the Historic district, and her charm, personality and hospitality can’t be topped. Love her.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in Sanford?
Kevin: The time one of the ladies of the evening decided to change her clothes from her bag on the sidewalk right in front of the house, yet still waiving down potential clients.

Greg: Yep, or the time that the crazy man rang the doorbell at 10:30 at night saying he was from Deltona and wanted a ride to Walmart on 17/92. He didn’t have a phone, but was wearing a Bluetooth on his ear.

What is Sanford’s greatest asset?
Greg: The town has a lot to boast about. The rich history, the people, and the diversity.

What is “Bokey?”
Greg: Are you referring to the site – I would hope not the Urban Dictionary definition! But I’m assuming the endearing term that Sanford claims as its own.

Kevin: Yeah, that one. It’s Sanford – it’s home.