The Sanford Community Garden

Have you ever visited the 18th Street Park and noticed a fenced off area boasting colorful flowers, fruits, and veggies? Welcome to the Sanford Community Garden – Sanford’s first community garden – celebrating it’s fifth year this month!

The Sanford Community Garden, a community-led organization working in conjunction with the City of Sanford, provides an opportunity to grow organic fruits and vegetables, educate young people and adults about the benefits of gardening, and cultivate a community of individuals committed to sustainable land use in an urban setting.

The garden was established in May of 2010 and was made possible only because of donations from local businesses who partnered with the city and the expertise of Robert Bowden, Director of Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando. A group of about 40 residents built raised beds, filled them with compost and spread mulch in the aisles. Continue reading